Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Baby Hiccups

Every mom should know that all new born hiccup even from their belly, which is absolutely normal. It might seem as a terrible and painful process for their baby, but it isn’t. But, here’s what you should do when your baby stars to hiccup and won’t stop.

The best answer for this situation is: to let the hiccup pass. Baby hiccups will pass easily, and you shouldn’t try to stop it because it’s not actually a discomfort for the baby.

Doctors think that when baby’s start to hiccup they strengthen their diaphragm muscle and membrane. If the hiccup won’t stop and you think it’s uncomfortable for the baby then here’s what you should do:
  • Brest feed your baby, because most of the times breastfeeding relax your baby, and at the same time will relax the diaphragm, so the hiccup will pass. Also, you can give him formula or a teaspoon of water.
  • Change baby’s position by holding him in your arms and playing with him. This way the hiccup might end.
  • Place your warm hand on his belly. You can gently move your hand in circular motion over baby’s belly. This way you’ll generate heat which will help to relax the diaphragm.
Under no circumstances use the following remedies:
  • Fresh lemon juice: it’s the most used remedy for hiccups but babies, under 7-8 months, aren’t allowed to ingest lemon juice. Even 1 drop can damage badly your baby’s stomach.
  • To scare your baby: yes, for adult’s this “folk remedy” may work, but don’t try this with your baby.
  • Giving tea, sugar or water to your baby: babies under 6 months aren’t allowed to take these ingredients. Breast milk is the only ingredient he is allowed to take. For those feed with formula you can try to give them a teaspoon of water. It might work.

Image Credits: Birthzang

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