Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath In 1 Minute

You had dinner with your lover and you’ve eaten garlic? You don’t know what to do because the smell and taste persists in your mouth? Well, don’t panic, because you still can kiss your lover if you use the following natural remedies to get rid of garlic breath.

The explanation for this garlic breath is that this vegetable contains a non-digestible substance which is eliminated by breathing and sweating.

The most effective remedy to get rid of garlic breath has proven to be the apple. Eat an apple after you’ve eaten garlic and you’ll no longer have a bad taste in your mouth.

Another effective remedy is parsley. Chew fresh parsley leaves for 1 minute, and you can spit them if you don’t like or swallow because they are great for your health. You can repeat this twice for great effects.

Or, you can drink a cup of strong coffee because it neutralizes the garlic taste, getting you rid of garlic breath.
So, no matter which one you try the results are the same.

Image Credits: Howtogetridofgarlicbreathfast and Livestrong

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