Best Natural Treatment To Get Rid Of UTI

The best natural treatment for urinary infections is the cranberry remedy, which can also be used with caution by pregnant women.

In many countries, cranberries are used to prepare different sauces. However, it’s not so popular just for its good taste, but also for its cure qualities. American Indians used it to treat injuries and various health problems.

Where you can find cranberries?

– you can find it as tincture or capsules in herbal stores;
– at any supermarket you can find dried or candied fruits;
– there are stores where you can find juice or cranberry sauce;
– you can also find in herbal stores cranberry leaves.

How to administrate cranberries for urinary infections?
– you can take 30-40 drops of cranberry tincture diluted in 100 ml of water or tea.
– Cranberry leaf tea is prepared as follows:

2 teaspoons of well-chopped plant are left to macerate for one hour in 100 ml of cold water. Strain the water and put the leaves to boil for 10 minutes in 100 ml of water. Mix the 2 liquids and drink 2 cups a day for 10 days. It’s important not to use sugar, because it cancels out its antibacterial effect. If you want to sweeten it, use honey.

Image Credits: Ladycarehealth

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