How To Get Rid Of Those Awful Period Cramps Without Painkillers

Periods are hated by every woman because they came with awful pains. There are months when you just can’t move because of the pain, and painkillers seem not to work. But, doctors made a list of natural remedies that can relieve or get you rid of period cramps. Try them and throw painkiller from your medical cabinet.

Heat will calm down the pain in seconds

Put a plastic bottle with warm water on your abdomen and you’ll feel better in a minute. Or you can use a heat bag. Heat has a relaxing effect over the uterine muscles, which are actually responsible for this problem.
Or you can prepare a hard polenta with plenty of corn flour and place it in a kitchen towel. Apply it over your belly and let it stand there. Slowly, you’ll see how the pain will disappear.

Drink chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has miraculous powers when it comes to calming down menstrual pain. The active substances from this plant will fade away the negative effects of prostaglandins produced by the body during the menstruation. Drink one cup of very concentrated chamomile tea and cramps will be gone.

Vitamin D supplements

Prevention is more effective than any last-generation treatment. Make sure you don’t have lack of vitamin D, because it may contract your uterus muscles during this critical period.

Image Credits: Dailymail

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