Most Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Quick And Painless

A discrete above the lip on cheek mole is a beauty sign, but when the mole becomes a skin tag…well, that’s very unsightly. There a lot of people that have skin tags and resort to different treatments to get rid of them, some of them very effective. But before doing that, see a doctor first, because most of them are harmless, but others can put your life in danger! Below, you have 3 natural remedies to get rid of skin tags.

It contains enzymes that destroy the pigment accumulation cells, and easily “burn” the skin tag. Crush a garlic clove and apply it on the skin tag then cover it with a bandage. Let it act for at least 4 hours, because the indications are to leave to act overnight. Repeat this procedure daily for 2 weeks to see improvements.

It’s the best natural acid to help “burn” the skin tag. Soak a cotton pad in ACV, place it on the skin tag, apply a bandage or duct tape , and let it act overnight. Repeat the treatment daily for 10 days, and the skin tag will fall by itself.

Pineapple juice
Has the same effect as ACV. Just place in the juicer 2 slices of pineapple and soak in the juice a cotton pad then apply on the skin tag and secure the area with a bandage or duct tape. In a few weeks you’ll get rid of the skin tag.

Image Credits: Wavis

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