How To Get Rid Of Bloating With Wonder-Water

Bloating is a common problem, so we figured out how to get rid of it in 60 seconds. This way you’ll have a flat belly and you’ll get rid of any discomfort.

Water is the wonder ingredient that helps you to get rid of bloating in 60 seconds, and to have a flat abdomen in the blink of an eye. This beverage will strengthen your immune system and it will help digestion with zero calories.

How to prepare the wonder-water

You need:
– 2 liters of water
– 1 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger
– 1 peeled cucumber
– 1 sliced lemon
– 12 mint leaves

Cut the cucumber in small pieces, wash well the lemon before you cut it in slices. Place all the ingredients in glass recipient then add the water. Place the drink in the refrigerator and let it stay overnight. The next day, drink the wonder-water during the entire day, and in the evening prepare another one for the next day.

Lemon and lemon water are great for losing weight. Lemon is a natural diuretic which alkalines your body, and cucumber cleanses your kidneys. Mint soothes your stomach and ginger relieves your digestive tract.

Image Credits: Ciaoflorentina

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