How To Get Rid Of Hickeys With A Coin

Those moments full of passion should remain secretly between you and your boyfriend/husband, but sometimes you go with the flow, and the next day, the entire night “appears” on your neck. You may cover these clues with a scarf, but to appear at work, in the middle of the summer, with your neck covered will be more obvious. So, you can try the following awkward but effective solution to get rid of those hickeys quickly.

Rub the place with a coin

It might seem awkward and hard to believe that this method works, but it’s actually true. The thing is that is kind of painful to rub your skin with a coin, but you don’t want like your mother to see what you did last night.
So, you have to stretch the skin where the hickey is located, take a coin, and massage the area with it. The massage has to a bit rough, just like the night before. Kidding! 

This way you’ll remove the blood excess that has passed through the capillaries and has reached the skin surface. Massage will make your skin reddish, but in a short time the redness will disappear. In addition, red skin won’t be so suspicious, don’t you think? You may say it’s an innocent rash.

Image Credits: Prokiss and Stylecraze

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