5 things you didn’t know about high heels

There are hundreds of thousands of nerve endings in the foot and 28 bones, 13.5% of all human bones throughout the body. We make about 10,000 steps per day! If you wear heels, imagine what shocks you expose your feet to…

Over 90% of women who wear high heels suffer from severe legs pain, varicose veins and tired legs.

When we are wearing heels we add incredible stress on the soles and an improper position of the spinal cord.

Did you know that:

1. High heels affect the spine

High heels change the gravity center, and the foot is most affected. It also exerts a great pressure on the spine, especially when you spend most of your time standing.

2. Stiletto heels favor knee osteoarthritis

The cartilage covering the knee is more degraded when stiletto heels are worn frequently. It was demonstrated by a team of researchers from Harvard University.

3. Running in heels severely affects the knees

Studies show that running in heels severely affects the knees! Even the short ones (to catch the subway, taxi, etc).

4. Heels smaller than 5 centimeters are healthy

When you wear small heels, your foot stands very well placed in the shoe. Ankles are not heavily tilted inward, and pressure on the thigh muscles is much smaller.

5. Painful fingers

Aching sensation you feel on your fingers and on your soles pads occurs because you walk on high heels. Sole slide forward and the fingers curl and flex to avoid slipping.

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