How to get the most beautiful eyebrows

However you decide to shape them, thin or thick, it’s good to keep in mind some general rules for beautiful eyebrows.

If you don’t have time to get to the salon and you decide to shape them by yourself, try to maintain their natural form. By thinning them you will only make you look ridiculous. In addition, very thin eyebrows are hard to care, because they rarefy easily.

Use only good quality tweezers. Those made of thin and malleable alloy may calibrate over time.

Always clip your eyebrows in front of a large mirror. Only so you will be able to properly analyze the eyebrow line.

Clip your eyebrows without rushing. Pull out one or two wires and alternate the procedure. By following this rule you’ll get a balanced eyebrows appearance. Also, hold your eyebrow and clip out in the hair growing direction. Otherwise, you risk breaking them.

If you want to give more volume to your eyebrows, use a black or brown eyeliner pencil and fill those gaps. For a more natural look, follow hair growing direction.

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