Coffee effects on menstrual cycle

Experts have concluded that women who consume large amounts of coffee, especially during menstrual cycle, experience more intense menstrual pains.

Drinking coffee and caffeine-based beverages can aggravate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Thus, cramps, headache, breast pain, fatigue and bloating may be more pronounced during menstrual period in women who consume large amounts of coffee. Caffeine speeds up the heartbeat and increases blood pressure, effects that stimulate anxiety, sleep disorders or lead to excessive fatigue.

To ensure that you will not suffer more during menstruation, reduce coffee consumption to a maximum of two cups per day. Also hydrate yourself properly. The two liters of water a day recommended by doctors are required!

When hormonal changes occur in the body, your immune system is vulnerable. In these conditions, a high consumption of coffee can affect your body.

Breast sore will increase if you consume too much coffee during menstruation. Most women feel the pain during menstruation because breast tissue swells due to water retention. If we add large amount of caffeine in this context, sore breasts will be more powerful.

A study coordinated by the American Journal of Epidemiology has revealed that women who consume coffee or other caffeine-based beverages during menstrual bleed less during the menstrual period. But this is not gratifying – caffeine hinders blood flow in the uterus, which can lead to various diseases or even to irregular menstruation.

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