Japanese green banana diet: Lose 4 kg in a few days

This diet is ideal for burning calories with no effort. Green bananas are high in starch and bacteria convert starch in fatty acids that feed cells and contribute to an easy digestion.

Eat one banana every morning on an empty stomach. If you still feel hungry you can eat two bananas.
During the diet you need to drink a lot of water but do not eat any other fruit. Thus, until noon you should not eat at all. At lunch and dinner you can eat normally, any food, but not later than 19.00 PM. It is also indicated to reduce food portions in half and to avoid fried foods. You are not allowed to eat any sweet or dessert during this diet.

Chew your food well to help digestion. Try to rest as much so at 22.00 PM to be already in bed. Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every morning, then eat the banana. In seven days you’ll lose about 3-4 kg.

The most interesting thing in this Japanese diet is that you don’t have to abstain from your favorite foods. You can eat anything, but it is important not to fill the stomach (belly stuffing is extremely harmful to our health).

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