Reverse hair washing method: Ideal solution for smooth and shiny hair

The old habit of using the shampoo on wet hair, rinsing the hair and possibly using a conditioner to give shine, volume or to help revive the hair might not be the best option, as recounted by “reverse hair washing” followers.

The writer Alison Freer has tested the technique after the advice of a reader, desperate that she had to shampoo daily because her hair became clogged and oily grew in less than 24 hours.
Gifted with thin and brittle hairs without any volume, Alison tried everything she could to win this battle. The only thing that worked in record time and had visible results was to change the order of applying shampoo and conditioner.
Alison washed a few times first applying the balm, which she allowed to act for a few minutes, and after the last rinse she used shampoo.

People who have thick and dry hair should use the classic method: shampoo first and then the conditioner.

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