Get rid of stretch marks with raw potato juice

The situations where stretch marks may arise are: pregnancy (especially during the 4-6th months), due to continuous and progressive extent of the skin on the abdomen and breasts, due to sport practicing (especially bodybuilding), obese people (both in periods of weight gain or loss). The use of topical corticosteroids in combination with occlusive bandages increases the risk of stretch marks.

Genetics have an important role in the occurrence of these injuries. Most prone to stretch marks areas are chest, arms, armpits (on athletes) and abdomen, flanks, breasts, buttocks (on obese and pregnant women). Natural evolution of stretch marks is similar to scars or wounds.

This vegetable juice contains vitamins and minerals that stimulate skin cell repair. Consequently, it is a remedy that should not be ignored if we want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Also, the same juice can also be used preventively.

How to obtain this juice: Cut the potatoes into thick slices and rub them gently on areas affected by stretch marks. Leave the juice to dry on your skin then remove it with warm water. Apply this method 2-3 times a day and you will enjoy the first results in less than two weeks after starting the treatment.
Image Credits: Msupa

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