Bloating – Trivial symptom that can hide serious diseases

Although the bloating feeling is not very pleasant, many of us overlook this symptom, considering it trivial and unimportant.
What few know, however, is that bloating can hide serious problems, more serious than a simple indigestion. Here are some of them:

Liver diseases
In liver diseases, bloating occurs due to inadequate functioning of the gallbladder. If in addition to bloating you feel pain or pressure in the right abdomen, you need your doctor’s advice.

Pancreatitis means inflammation of the pancreas and one of the first symptoms is the bloating. Although it is a condition that can be cured, untreated pancreatitis is progressing rapidly and become chronic, in this case inflammation progressively destroying the pancreas functions.

Lung diseases
It may seem strange, but bloating occurs in advanced lung diseases. The explanation lies in the fact that in some cases, where gas exchange can not be done by the respiratory route, they are turning to the digestive tract.

Ovarian cancer
If bloating is accompanied (women) with menstrual disorders and ovaries pain, constipation or abdominal discomfort, see your doctor. Permanent bloating, even after a light meal, can hide an ovarian tumor.

Gastrointestinal diseases
If bloating occurs accompanied by loss of appetite and a sudden weight drop, it could signal a gastrointestinal disorder. In this case, a doctor is required.

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