Natural tea that prevents cancer and lowers cholesterol

Matcha tea is considered the healthiest green tea has many health benefits. See why is good to consume it.

Matcha is a finely powdered green tea made from fresh leaves. It has 10 times more nutrients than normal tea and helps the body get rid of toxins and excess pounds.

Good for detoxification
Matcha tea has a higher level of chlorophyll than other similar products. Chlorophyll helps to eliminate toxins from the body, metals and chemicals and balances hormone levels.

Prevents cancer
A 2008 study showed that the antioxidants in matcha tea inhibits the growth of tumors and prevents cancer.

It helps weight loss
A cup of matcha tea per day helps losing weight. Its substances maintain a high body temperature and stimulate fat burning.

Amino acids from matcha tea increase your energy levels without side effects. Experts say that the effect of a cup of tea takes at least two hours.

Slows the aging process
Matcha tea is loaded with substances called catechins, antioxidants that slow the aging process. A cup of tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than ordinary green tea.

Strengthens the immune system
Matcha tea contains a large amount of flavonoids, antioxidants and catechins, substances that help the body fight bacteria and viruses. A recent study showed that a cup of this drink improves immune system’s response to infections.

Lowers cholesterol
Antioxidants in green tea relax blood vessels and lowers cholesterol, preventing heart disease.

Maintains gastrointestinal health
Matcha tea contains a large amount of fiber, which are easily absorbed. In those circumstances, it relieves constipation and maintains normal blood sugar levels.

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