Tibetan elixir of longevity (3 ingredients)

No one has discovered yet the secret of eternal youth, but there is an elixir that helps you live longer. And you only need three ingredients. See how to prepare and how they act.

Elixir of longevity is prepared by Tibetans, and doctors recommend this treatment for strengthening the immunity and cleansing the blood of toxins. Because it improves your body functions, it helps you look younger.

Tibetan elixir has many benefits, including treating and preventing constipation sclerosis.

How to prepare

To prepare the Tibetan elixir, you need three ingredients:
– 100 ml of fresh lemon juice
– 200 grams of honey
– 50 ml of olive oil

Mix the ingredients in a glass container and keep the beverage in the freezer. Take one teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach. It is recommended to consume the elixir of longevity twice a year in spring and autumn.