The thyroid gland is the largest one from endocrine system, and when it does not working properly, your whole body suffers. We suggest you to try a Tibetan remedy that helps treat thyroid problems.

When you have thyroid problems, it is very important to go to the doctor because if left untreated, leads to serious health problems. Besides treatment prescribed by your doctor, you can try an alternative, inspired by Tibetan culture. Just follow a few simple steps.

1. Rub your hands vigorously until you feel them heated. Put them over the thyroid gland for 10 seconds.
2. Swallow your saliva three times or take three small water shots.
3. Exhale! When you exhale, lean your head forward so you touch the chest with the chin. Wait a few seconds without inhaling. When you start to breathe, raise your chin and return to normal. When you exhale, touch the chest again with your chin.
4. When you touch the chest with the chin, try to move your head left and right, without taking your chin from the chest. Thus you will massage the thyroid gland.
5. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Tibetan thyroid exercise can be performed both standing and sitting down. It is necessary to do as often as it improves your thyroid gland functions. This remedy is especially effective for hypothyroidism and aims to increase circulation in the area, helping to clean the gland.
Image Credits: Webmd

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