How to remove gel manicure yourself

Gel manicure is currently the most resistant and you must regularly go to the beauty salon to keep your nails in shape. Learn how to do this at home!

There is no point going to the beauty salon and give some extra money to cleanse your gel manicure. You can do this at home in just 3 easy steps. You need acetone, wool and tinfoil.
Soak nail size pieces of cotton in acetone. Cover your nails well then wrap fingertips in foil as wool will not move out of its place.

Wait for 10 minutes then remove the tinfoil and cotton. Now you can exfoliate gel directly onto the nail – it should be removed quite easily.
If first try fails, put cotton wool soaked in acetone on nails and leave it for five minutes.
After you have finished cleaning your nails, file them and give them a few days to breathe. Apply vitamin D oil for faster recovery.

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