Best Method to Prevent Pimples

Even if you don’t have an acne prone skin, you can easily have pimples if you don’t properly care for your skin. Your cleaning routine might not be the most effective – learn the best way to prevent pimples!
Besides all the dirt your skin collects on in one day, sunscreen and foundation remain on the skin – these two products are so simple and clean with only a cleansing milk or cleansing gel.

How to prevent pimples
The best product to dissolve cosmetics on your skin in seconds is… natural oil. So, before you wash with the product you normally use after cleansing, massage your entire face with a little oil. You can use jojoba oil, eucalyptus leaves oil or coconut oil.

What you should do
On dry skin, spread a few drops of natural oil with your fingers. Then moisten your fingers and massage your face. If you have dry skin, dab the skin with cotton pads to remove skin excess oil. If you have oily skin, you can wash then with usual cleaning product – which should be delicate.

Image Credits: Biut

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