This natural mixture will get rid of gray hair

It is possible to regain natural hair color and to slow the growth of gray hair! Melanin is responsible for the production of stem cells contained in each follicles. Depending on our genetics, these cells begin to produce a less amount of pigment as we age, leading to graying first, then complete white hair.

Recipe for a single day

Put the following ingredients in a blender:

– 200 grams of chopped fruit (of your choice)
– 100 ml of lemon juice
– 50 grams of wheat germ
– 1 tablespoon honey
– 100 ml of water

Drink half of this juice in the morning after breakfast and the other half should be consumed after lunch. Follow this “treatment” every day for 30 days, and your hair will regain its natural color.
Image credits:KabarFemale

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