Lavender tincture – Fabulous beauty benefits

Lavender tincture treats biliary dyskinesia, bloating, biliary seizures and headaches. Use 10-20 drops of tincture in water, for a few days treatments or when needed.

Lavender increases the bile secretion and helps its evacuation, relieving abdominal pain and activating digestion.

Lavender tincture relieves anxiety, stress and depression and helps you overcome insomnia. A tincture teaspoon poured in half a glass of water (2-3 times a day, in the course of a few weeks) solves these problems. The effects occurs rapidly.

Lavender tincture is useful in treating cardiac arrhythmias, as an adjunct for cardiac ischemia caused by stress.

Lavender is by excellence an anti-stress plant that relieves both organic causes (anxiety, depression) and stress effects.

Lavender tincture is effective in combating intestinal worms, but together with other herbs. Combine equal parts of lavender tincture, sage and thyme. Take a mixture teaspoon diluted in water before any meal, for a minimum two weeks.

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