How cellulite forms and how to get rid of this nightmare

Collagen tissues of these areas have bee honeycomb shape and no longer cross over like on the other sides of the body. These cellular tissues fill with fat deposits and toxins that raise the skin upwards and outside, stretching it. This process stretches collagen and prevents fluid movements. Stretching the collagen stops circulation. Hormones that eliminate body fat can not reach these cells to release fats accumulated there. As a result, cells permanently receive fat and they can not effectively remove them from the body.

Fat accumulation causes that unsightly orange peel. This aesthetic aspect can be dimmed with a big effort, but there are solutions.

Before starting cellulite treatment it is important to know its type and what cause it.

There are 3 types of cellulite:

Fibrous cellulite

Painful when touched and slightly purplish.
Treatment of this type of cellulite involves running, bubble baths, balneotherapy, mechanical massage.

Aqueous cellulite

It is soft to the touch and causes, in general, the feeling of heavy legs. Aqueous cellulite is caused by circulatory problems and sedentary.
The solutions for this type of cellulite are: mechanical massage, electrotherapy, water jet shower, swimming, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite creams.

Adipose cellulite

It is soft to the touch and painless. Adipose cellulite is localized on body and on the thighs and buttocks and appears due to fat excess in the diet and lack of exercise. Solutions for treating this type of cellulite fat are running and cellulite massage creams.

– As a general rule, diet plays a fundamental role in the formation of cellulite. Avoid any excess sugar and fat, and excess salt (which promotes water retention). It is best to prefer low-calorie foods such as fish or vegetables. Foods that should be: spaghetti, rice and potatoes, fat foods.

– Teas of any kind, but especially green tea helps eliminate toxins and promotes digestion.

– Always ensure you eat between meals. It is best to not focus on cereal, fruit or yogurt.

– Make sport. Walk, swim or run fast to eliminate excess fat.

– You can combat cellulite by massaging using special creams or tight pants impregnated with caffeine.

– Do not forget that in the fight against cellulite you should be aware of all the above aspects for the effects to be visible and the most important thing is to live a balanced life.
Image Credits: SkinnyWrapCountry

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