How to prepare an amazing seawater spray for hair (Homemade)

If you wondered why your hair looks better after a dip in the sea, the answer is salt water. She is the one that gives volume and those loose curls that give you a romantic air.

It’s easy to get that lovely look adopted by many celebrities, and you don’t need to spend large sums in a beauty salon. With less than $2 you’ll have loose curls. This is the price that you will have to pay to prepare a seawater spray, which spray will give you the “beachy waves” appearance.

You need: 300 ml spring water – preferably filtered, not tap water because it has a high content of chlorine, 2 tablespoons of sea salt and a teaspoon of coconut or argan oil.

You can play with volumes, depending on what you need, but it is important to keep proportions.

Preparation method
Put salt in a bowl and then pour hot water – not boiling over. Mix the two ingredients well until see salt particles in water will disappear. Leave to cool and add oil to composition, stirring well. Then put it in a spray bottle.

How to use
Distribute the product evenly all over the hair and its root. Let your head down and catch the hair in your hands to create the desired curls. Then let your hair dry and you’ll get beachy waves the look.

This spray works best for wavy or curly natural hair, but it also works for straight hair. The spray can be applied to dry hair or wet hair, but it is best to be applied on wet hair and to let it dry by itself.
Image Credits: ABeautifulMess

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