How to Treat Pigmented Spots Caused By Sun Exposure

Pigmented spots are caused by abnormal production of melanin, the pigment that gives skin color, caused by sun exposure. They are brown, faded like some moles and can be completely unsightly, especially when they occur on the face.

They say it is better to prevent than to treat, which is true in terms of pigmented spots. Ultraviolet rays are responsible for their appearance, therefore is absolutely necessary to use a cream with a sun protection factor, especially during the summer.

In the summer is advisable to apply a cream with SPF as high as 30 or even 50, if you have very white skin and freckles. In the rest of the year, an SPF of 15-20 should be enough.

When you treat pigmented spots you need to have realistic expectations. These spots can be dimmed, but chances to disappear completely are quite small. This is why prevention is so important. The main substances that make them less visible are those that have a strong scrub role. By peeling, the first layer of cells is removed, including those highly colored from the stains surface.

One of the most effective substances in fighting pigmented spots is hydroquinone. For best results it is necessary to associate the treatment with hydroquinone with regular exfoliation of the skin. In this way you will help remove dead cells and active substances will easily penetrate the skin.

For intense exfoliation, use both scrub mechanical action and skin cleanser based on retinol or glycolic acid.

Image Credits: Kupdates

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