All women need to know this before they wash intimate areas

During menstruation, change pads frequently, every 3-4 hours, even if you feel that is not the case. Don’t change the pad only when it “fills”, because its surface is meant to protect you from unpleasant accidents, not “to protect” you as much time.

Do not use excessive pads every day, even if they smell nice and helps you when you are facing a big secretion. Otherwise you prevent air flow and bacteria growing.

Sex during menstruation increases the risk of infections on both sides due to the presence of blood. If, however, this happens, use a condom.

Watch the hygiene of sex toys. Even if you are single and you use sex toys or you use them with your lover, wash them well and eventually use a condom if you share a vibrator with someone else.

Any small inconvenience in the intimate area needs to be followed by a visit to a specialist. It is not to be trifled with intimate hygiene because the risks are large with extremely unpleasant consequences.

Don’t use soap or shower gel in the intimate areas because you risk ruining pH balance. Shower gel is intended to protect the skin pH, and not the vagina one, which is different. On the market there are many safe products, intended, and we recommend choosing the ones without flavorings or colorings.

The towel should be clean and used only by you, like the one that you wipe your face. Change it regularly and let it dry after using.

Wipe direction: from front to back. Whether it’s toilet paper, wet wipes, towel or even during washing, correct movement direction is from the rear of the vagina and not vice versa.

Wear cotton underwear, not synthetic fiber, which prevents air circulation.

Wash yourself before and after sex and make sure you take a shower before you meet with your lover.

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