How to treat acne in winter

Acne prone skin requires special care in winter, when low temperatures sensitize the skin. In winter, vasoconstriction occurs, muscle fibers in the blood vessels walls shrink and the result is vascular caliber diminishing. In cold weather acne skin is deeply dehydrated because excess sebum prevents the water flow in the tissue, which leads to skin thickening.

Therefore, the cleaning process is very important, and the steps involved in skin care should never be skipped or removed from the daily routine. Here are some products that you should not miss if you are affected by acne:

1. Cleansing gel, cleansing milk and tonic are indicated to use every day, on morning and evening, the products are being selected according to the specialist recommendation.

2. Anti-acne serums vials that contain active ingredients such as royal jelly and formic acid. They have the effect of expanding and thinning the corneum stratum, prevent scar formation, boost the tissue immune system and have a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Royal jelly gels can be used for inflamed areas, as well as antiseptic creams that have moisturizing role.

4. Cover type cream type can be used with a protective powder that contains royal jelly.

Whatever the season, it is recommended that after washing the face, to use disposable wipes and no towel.
Image Credits: VeryWell

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