Skin dry brushing benefits

Every spa has a skin dry brushing program, involving body surface exfoliation with a brush. Even if the procedure seems far from spoiling, experts say has miraculous effects on the skin, exfoliating it and reducing the appearance of orange peel. Find what actually skin dry brushing means and what benefits it brings.

Dry brushing works like any other scrub: removes dead skin cells, improves its appearance and hydration becomes effective after such a process.

Dry brushing is similar to massage. Movements will help lymph fluid to move to lymph nodes and the excess will be removed. Your body does this naturally, but dry brushing speeds up the process and circulation, carrying oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs.

Dry brushing reduce cellulite
Dry brushing helps remove toxins, and experts say it can remove orange peel appearance. The way it works is simple: by peeling stagnant toxins are removed (they break down connective tissue and lead to the cellulite appearance).
Even if there is no clear evidence that dry brushing can remove cellulite forever, its appearance will be improved immediately after the process.

How to apply dry brushing
For starters, you need a scrub brush, which you can find at any cosmetics store. Search a rough one for the process to be effective. A long handle is also recommended, because it will help you to massage hard to reach areas.
Dry brushing stimulates your body and gives you energy, so it is best to do in the morning, before entering the shower, but you can choose any time of the day. You start from the feet, then the waist, back and chest. Finish brushing with your hands and underarms. Take a shower after. Because you have open pores, any treatment that you will apply will be more efficient. After the shower, use a moisturizer and skin should feel soft and supple.

You can test if the process helped to eliminate toxins. Wipe your body with a dry cloth immediately after brushing and leave the cloth in a sealed bag for several days. The smell that cloth will receive will convince you that the toxins were eliminated from your body.
Image Credits: DocaKilah

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