Natural remedies for pigmentation spots (freckles)

If after a beach holiday you’re back with more brown spots on the forehead, cheeks, nose or neck, do not impatient! Even if you use a sun protection cream, overexposure to the sun can cause such skin reactions, but pigmentation spots are not dangerous and, up to a point, they can be removed.

Here are some natural solutions:

Lemon juice
It is the most available treatment and is very efficient. Apply lemon juice on the affected areas using cotton pads. Because lemon juice is acidic, it acts as a natural and gentle peeling. In addition, the antioxidants in the lemon juice will help repair your skin.

Castor oil
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, castor oil gives good results on pigmentation spots. Apply it on the affected areas with a gentle massage and stains will fade.

Aloe gel
The moisturizing aloe gel stimulates skin regeneration thus can be used with confidence to remove pigmentation spots.

Cucumber juice
Due to its high content of phytochemicals, some active substances that stimulate skin regeneration and neutralize free radicals, cucumber juice gently cleanses the skin and evens its color.
Image Credits: DailyMail

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