How to get rid of cellulite on the arms in 4 steps

Cellulite is not submitted only on the thighs, but also on the arms, where women have serious fat deposits. See how to get rid of cellulite on the arms in 4 steps.

Step 1
Reduce daily calorie intake by 250 kcal and avoid unhealthy foods and full of calories such as chips, cakes, ice cream, donuts, burgers, pizza and white flour products.

Step 2
Do exercises with barbells and dumbbells at the gym. Depending on the strength and muscle mass, a coach will help you tone your triceps muscle. Thus, your arms will be thinner and blood will circulate better, reducing the unsightly appearance of orange peel.

Step 3
Do triceps exercises at home with dumbbells up to 2 kilograms. You do you want to make thick, muscular arms, but you no longer bear the butterflies flapping when you move your arms?
Invest in two dumbbells.
A simple exercise supposed to stand, hold a dumbbell in your right hand. Raise your hand with the dumbbell over your head and elbow without moving the position, let the dumbbell back of the neck, down, then rise again. Repeat with both arms for 10 times.

Step 4
Do 45-60 minutes of cardio including arms: elliptical bike, kick boxing, jumping rope, swimming. Sport and physical exercises that stimulate blood exactly in problem areas are the best ways to get rid of cellulite on the arms.
Image Credits: BeautyHealthTips

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