Homemade bronzer

Sea. Sun. And that amber color you get after a week of relaxation on the beach.
But … what do you do if you can not reach the sea this year? Or is the middle of winter and you crave for your summer skin? We exclude the solarium from the start. And in terms auto-bronzers, if you don’t use them properly you risk orange skin effect until it goes.

How about a product that smells divine, it moisturizes your skin color and gives that much-desired chocolate appearance, that goes away in the shower at the end of each day? Get to know “Holiday on glass”, tanning oil made from just 2 ingredients!

You need:

– bronzing powder
– body oil (baby oil or any other oil according to your skin)
– a bowl
– spatula
– a container with a lid

If your bronzer is not a powder, break it and crush it with the spatula until it becomes powder. Add oil gradually and slowly mix until it become smooth. Put oil until you get the desired shade (you can test it on the hand or foot).
Warning: too little oil = tanning oil will leave streaks on the skin, not being evenly distributed. When you get the desired result, pour composition in the container.

Of course, since it’s an oil-based product, you have to be careful in contact with clothes, furniture etc.

Prior to application, shake the storage container because after a while bronzing powder can settle to the bottom.
Image Credits: HelloGlow

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